I love yarn and knitting and everything that comes with it!

Teaching over the last 20 years has given me time to explore and develop the craft I love. It’s fun to see beginning knitters catch on and catch the spark. It’s fun to see someone who has never done it turn a heel as they learn to make socks. It’s fun to see someone discover the magic of the Mattress Stitch as their side seams beautifully disappear. It’s fun to see knitters lose their fear of working from charts. It’s fun to see the light bulb go off when the intricacies of Entrelac reveal themselves. It’s always fun for me to continue to learn, from my students and from other great teachers. The very most fun for me is to see my students use their new skills and expand their knitting horizons.

Designing for almost 20 years is so rewarding. I started designing because I had beautiful yarn, but couldn’t find just the right pattern. Yes, the yarn really does talk to you and tells you what it wants to be! Seeing someone wearing one of my designs is especially exciting. In addition to designing for Great Yarns! and myself, for the last 5 years I have been fortunate to work with Barry Klein at Trendsetter Yarns, contributing 5-6 designs to the collections each season. 

What’s my favorite yarn to knit with? Anything that has a great hand to it, and if it’s hot pink or lime green or bright orange and sparkly, that’s just an added bonus!! 

I will admit to not being able to resist a new knitting bag! And of course, have a whole collection of the latest knitting gadgets, some of which I actually have used.

How many projects on the needles at any one time? Does any knitter really fess up? At least 3, and let’s leave it at that.